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Clear Instruction, Encouraging Words, Constant Cheers....


The 2020 Indoor Triathlon season is underway. A pair of Life Time Fitness events were contested on January 5. Individual race results aren't posted online, so we are contacting the race directors. Hopefully, they will share the results with us, so we can share them with you.

The first of four YWCA Indoor Triathlons happened last weekend (January 19) and results are available. A link will be included at the end of this post....


Indoor Tris are fun and low-key by design. We encourage participants to send us comments about their experiences. Jeremy Wheaton, his wife Kara and teenage kids, Ellie, Hunter and and Grier participated in YWCA Indoor Tri #1. Jeremy sent us these words:

As a husband and wife who have “competed” in triathlons for over 15 years, Kara competed in one of our first races with the pronounced baby bump of our oldest due later that year, we love the fact that the YWCA indoor event allows a controlled environment for us to introduce our kids to their very first tri’s.  


Thomeganpaul.pngugh the kids do mini’s and we do the short, we all compete in the same wave together which brings us and them more comfort for their first time.  Additionally, it gives us the benefit of supporting, and challenging, each other along the way.   The event is well organized and the staff and volunteers are remarkable!   Whether your first or 100th triathlon it’s always awesome to hear clear instruction, encouraging words, and of course constant cheers Throughout the event!  

This January’s race was our youngest’s first ever tri and she was nervous.  That’s is all out the window now that she completed one and we are looking forward to being back at the YWCA as a family in March for round two of 2020!


So you know, a total of 93 athletes finished the event, 23 men and 70 women. (We'd love to see more men next time. Hear that guys?) Women were the overall winners in all three distances, with Megan Paul (photo R) leading the way in the Mini, cat-lover Kaitlin Randolph, who was undefeated in YWCA inddor races in 2019, winning the Sprint, and UM Swim Team member Nicole Ciavarello taking the top spot in the Long event.

We visited Megan Paul's FB page. What an interesting person she is. Originally from Cincinnati, she is currently a Psychiatric Associate at the UM Medical Center. She is a former locksmith at Bowling Green State University, and is into Taylor Swift, "Weird Al" Yankovic (Who isn't?), boutique coffee and lots of other stuff.

Oh yeah, Jeremy Wheaton placed 3rd overall / 1st Male in the Sprint.  RESULTS

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