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By Johnny Surprise (Facebook - Posted Nov. 9)

Ironman Florida - Shit happens
3.5 weeks prior to Ironman I was on a much too early run with Evan Reed and I unfortunately stepped in a small pothole that I could not see thanks to the darkness and to me not wearing a headlamp. My 5th metatarsal snapped like a large branch, yes, that loud. I didn’t panic; I just calmly hobbled off to the side of the path and asked ER to go get the car. Got home and jumped into the car and went to Parkway, my good pal Dr Ness confirmed that it was broke. Now the fun begins… Thank God for Pete Garber, Certified badass Physical Therapist. He set the plan; we met pretty much everyday until I got on the plane to PCB. Pete is a motivator as well as probably the best PT in the state of MN. I was able to get in a couple of runs before the race BUT we knew it was going to be hit or miss - meaning I would be great or I was going to suffer.

I had probably the best training block I have ever had for this being my 11th Ironman; my fitness was at an all-time high. Had a top-notch coach - ass kissing here - The one and only Andy Schiesl (Hannah Grinakers Coach) he really awakened a monster in me - Good thing. I had one heck of a training partner Meleah...

Murphy who also doubles as my GF and along with the occasional sessions with me homeboy Nick Weiler, another one of Andy’s special kids. I had a ton of fun all summer, never a real bad day that we commonly all have when we train for this event. Swimming and hanging at Camp Gunther, skiing and wake boarding post swim is pretty cool, well, Steve and Helen are pretty awesome! Then being on Gear West team and getting to make some great new friends with that team was pretty cool! I couldn’t let this break get me down. As they say, shit happens.


The race - The swim really wasn’t good, the cross currents were pretty bad and with the low tide and having to walk out of the water on the beach and then in transition having to walk thanks to my foot, made for my slowest Ironman swim I have ever had! Which, I knew was bound to happen since I finally joined masters and flowed a true swim program! I swam over 80 miles, 60 over my typical 20 to maybe 30 for Ironman training. Oh well, shit. Off to the bike! I seriously felt like I could do anything during the ride, Andy’s plan was dead on. My nutrition was perfect thanks to my Homeboy Kevin Rutherford CEO of NUUN (Another ass-kissing plug here) for the sweet hook up with their Endurance line and the introduction to Dr Stacy Sims, Stacy you ROCK! Your suggestion and plan for Meleah and I was spot on! Being able to fart with confidence and that it will only be a fart during and Ironman is very satisfying. I finally caught me pal Meleah by mile 60, struck a poise blew a kiss and I was off! For those of you that think IMFL bike course is easy…you’re wrong. 1800 feet of climbing, headwinds and yes tailwinds makes it pretty difficult to maintain power/speed to make sure you don’t blow out your legs for the run. Hit my goal of my first ever sub 5hr bike at Ironman by 20 seconds - yes, I was smiling and only farting.

The run… best part of the run was running side by side with Meleah for the first few miles until I felt the pain of the bone in my foot - I re-broke the bone and I could feel the bones crunching with every-step. I could go into a long drawn-out report of the pain and suffering and how I endured like many of other reports but I’m not. I didn’t quit, it hurt and I mean it hurt badly. I finished in under 12hrs and I learned a lot about me during the run and how powerful our minds are when we just flood it with positive thoughts when we are suffering. The crowds were amazing as well as the support along the course. I have been doing Ironman longtime and I am going to keep going. I truly love it and all that comes with the sport. I’ll be back next year chasing the goal of qualifying and enjoying all of it.

@ Ironman Florida 2019

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