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By Kristina Swenson (kristinaswenson.wixsite.com)


"Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it." ~Oprah Winfrey

While I do triathlons and would call myself a triathlete above all else, running seems to be the sport I talk about most. It's the sport I struggle the most with, but it's also the sport I think I have the most to gain in both physically and mentally. Maybe that's why it's easiest to talk about.
Yesterday (May 7) I ran my third half-marathon. It was a pretty spur of the moment decision... I was talking to my friend Rose no more than two weeks ago when she told me she was doing a race this weekend. Inside my head I immediately thought, "I should do that with her!" I then immediately shut that idea down, thinking that I couldn't just sign up for a half-marathon less than 14 days from the actual race with no focused...

training. And a year ago I would have been right. After our run I thought about it some more, talked with my coach and boyfriend, and decided that I would give it a go. My mileage and training base, while not half marathon specific, were enough that I could pull off 13.1 miles without destroying my body. I registered a whole 2 days before the race. 
My friend Rose has a special place in my heart. I met her on a run a little over a year ago, and since, we have become the best of friends. Back in August, I was a little nervous to return to school for the 2018-2019 year, because I have a lot of friends and teammates that had graduated that past May. But God knew that and thoughtfully placed a few amazing new people in my life when I needed them most. Running with Rose this past year has been so fun. She has challenged me to run more miles, run slower some days and faster on others, and find more joy in lacing up my shoes. 
Going into yesterday's race, I had told Rose that I would run with her, no matter what pace she wanted to go. With summer just around the corner and internships taking us to opposite corners of the country, I want as much quality time with her as I can get. I was excited to do a half marathon with a friend too, as my last two I ran mostly alone. I told myself that my only goal was to push Rose and have fun. With my first two half-marathon experiences being pretty painful, I wanted to finally do a race that felt good and wasn't making me hate myself the entire run.  READ MORE

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