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Randolph Keeps Winning!



The third of four YWCA INdoor Tris happened on March 10. Despite the seriously yucky driving conditions, nearly 100 athletes participated.

Grabbing our attention was the performance of KAITLIN RANDOLPH in the long course event. A relative newcomer to swim-bike-run, the cat-loving Kaitlin, who has a really big knife (photo), collected her third straight YWCA Indoor victory, her second at the longer distance. As in the February event, she placed 3rd overall, beaten only by a ubiquitous DANAHER, Noah to be exact (The many Danahers are regulars at the Y's INdoors), and NICHOLAS BOEHLAND, who rocked a Top 20 at One Last Tri last fall.

Noah Danaher was 3rd here in February. His clocking at the March event was 50:22, which was 1:38 faster than last time.

Back to Ms. Randolph, her time last Sunday was also faster than her time in February. We'd love to see Kaitlin on the starting line of several outdoor tris this summer. If she does, we wouldn't be surprised if she joins PAIGE SCHULZ as a Rookie of the Year nominee...


Lapsed outdoor tri veteran and runaway winner of the YWCA's February mini Indoor, LEIGH CURRY, took the top spot in the sprint race. Her margin was twenty-one seconds over runner-up RACHEL ALLYN, who is much, much smarter than most people. She has been to many colleges and universities and has several degrees, including the Big ONE: a PhD. A 45-year-old clinical psychologist, who could pass of 30, she has hosted retreats in exotic places like Mexico and Beliz.

She is also amazingly fit and extremely bendy, probably from all the yoga she does.

MINI (24 finishers) – 1. JESSE LEHMAN GAMBLE 0 30:28, 2. NATALIE RICHARD – 32:51, 3. KATE VARNS – 34:43. 1st Male – 8. RICHARD DANAHER, 63 – 36:02.

SPRINT (24 finishers) – 1. LEIGH CURRY – 41:00, 2. RACHEL ALLYN – 41:21, 3. ANNA KLEIN – 42:06. 1st Male – 5. WILLIAM DANAHER, 17 – 46:59.

LONG (45 finishers) – 1. NOAH DANAHER, 21 – 50:22, 2. NICHOLAS BOEHLAND – 52:26, 3. KAITLIN RANDOPLPH – 52:28. Top Woman – 1. KAITLYN RANDOLPH – 52:28, 2. BOBBI GLASS – 55:39, 3. MEG KELLY – 56:35.


brianZ.jpgYWCA INdoor director DORELLE LANDSTEINER asked us to post this tribute:


Brian Zamboni had a quiet but mindful demeanor, a friendly yet soft spoken personality. He was a dedicated fitness instructor, athlete, and volunteer at the YWCA of Minneapolis. His presence was significantly missed at our March 10th Indoor Triathlon by staff, athletes, and volunteers alike.
Brian had been participating in the YWCA Indoor Triathlons since 2010. As of lately, he not only would race the events, but also once finished, he would clean up and go straight to volunteering to help other athletes. The news of Brian’s passing came mid-week right before the race. A shock to say the least.
The news quickly spread, a sense of disbelief and sadness was shared by many. No one would have expected this from a very fit and active 45 year old.

Brian starting working as a water aerobics instructor at the YWCA in 2006. He had a dedicated group that attended his class every week. He also was very involved in many other aspects of the Group Fitness Department, taking other classes and exercising, he was known as a hard worker.
He also had a huge passion for Stair Climb events and the charities they supported. In fact, Brian traveled the country participating in these events and helping to raise money for the American Lung Association.

Brian was an inspiration to many. His generous and kind spirit has left an everlasting impression on all those around him. It certainly does not ease the sense of loss many are feeling, but to know that he died doing what he loved, is of some comfort.

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