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ED. Recently we stumbled upon a 2017 70.3 World Championship race report by Minnesota's most decorated amateur multisportswoman, Cathy Yndestad. CY has lived, played, worked and studied in Europe for the last four-plus years and we miss her. This is a great read. Enjoy!


By Cathy Yndestad (cathyyndestad.com)


With so many interesting race and travel options these days, serious consideration is warranted before committing to any racecation. I love challenging (fair) courses, which seems to be harder and harder to find these days. When Ironman initially announced the 70.3 World Championship race course in Chattanooga, they said it would include ~5000ft of climbing. I was drooling at this set-up and immediately set my sights on earning a...

qualifying spot. Although unsurprisingly, the bike course did eventually get dialed back from it’s original design, thankfully it still included a meaningful climb with a total of 3000ft climbing over 56miles. The swim and run were also designed to be a legit challenge for all.  This race was also appealing due to the number of friends and Coeur Sports teammates planning to race. Although I love the variety of courses available in Europe, I really miss the camaraderie and vibe of racing in the USA.

cytongue1.jpgI earned my championship qualification by winning my AG in Mallorca earlier this year, then spent the summer specifically training and racing shorter distance events to prepare. After three strong olympic distance races and a consistent stimulus of specific training, I was feeling strong and ready to give it a good effort in Chattanooga. Aside from the obvious enthusiasm associated with World Championship races, I was thrilled to be racing back in the USA. So many wonderful people to see!

It was a long flight from Zurich, but what a wonderful week it was in the U.S.A!

Even though this was a championship race, and I had big performance goals, my week assumed a wonderful racecation vibe. It’s been almost three yrs since my previous race in the US, and I couldn’t wait to toe the line with Coeur Sports teammates and friends from all over (especially the Minnesota contingent). Thankfully my preparation and yrs of experience created a certain confidence and calmness leading into the race. I was feeling good with my preparation and ready to GO!  The day before the race,  I woke-up to a WhatsApp/FB message flurry of support from caring and supportive friends showcasing a custom designed T-shirt. What a boost! It was clear I had already “won” before even starting.  So much love and gratitude.  READ MORE

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