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Hi MTN Guys!

Glad we got in touch with each other. This was the 3rd Indoor Tri that I put on at Chanhassen and each time it gets a little better. I really enjoy seeing people give Triathlon a go. My favorite sales pitch to get people registered is "you can walk the swim!"

I emailed a few people to ask them for a blurb about their experience. I was hoping to get something from Julie Ewasiuk (2nd place masters) and Emily Williams (1st place open) as they're members of my Tri TEAM class, but I guess they like to ignore their coach when he tells them to do homework. Very proud of them both. This was Emily's first tri of any kind and she'll soon be out in the real outside triathlon world. 

I also asked Jenelle (1st place masters) for a short write up, she was someone I got a chance to meet that weekend. Looks like she decided to attack the write up like she did the Tri that weekend. I've pasted it below.

There's a chance we'll do this again in March and I'll be sure to let you know. I'm trying my best to grow the Tri community out at Chanhassen and have a class specifically for Tri training that meets mornings and noon, MWF. Hoping to have a lot of fun this year. ...


Let me know if you have any questions and thanks again! 

Ben Harding

Talk about FUN and ORGANIZED! That’s how I would describe the Lifetime Indoor Tri at Chanhassen. Ben definitely had his Duck Duck gray Ducks in a row for this event. Leading up to the race, athletes were provided with up to date emails on what to expect and how the day would play out. We were provided with heat waves that matched up with athlete friend requests, which made the day even more fun. Who doesn’t like to race with a friend that push one other, along with meeting some new friends in the sport. As we showed up to get race bibs, the club had a table all set up for us with trainers ready to body mark and provide us with detailed information on where to go, and of course a fun little goodie treat. All events were extremely organized and lots of cheering from the volunteers, friends and passerby’s. Even with some mechanical difficulties on the bikes, Ben was able to roll with the punches and accommodate quite quickly. After the event, they provided delicious snacks and beverages, which made for a fun group gathering area to enjoy one another’s company. With how many people enrolled in this Tri, Ben was able to get all the results out to us via email by the end of the evening. Overall, I’d sign up again for this event with Ben, as it was such a fun and organized day of laughter, exercise, and of course who doesn’t love a race in Minnesota in the middle of January.

Janelle Ehlers 

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