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Madison Delivers...



By Emma Adriaens (triad.tradrieans.com)


Early June now marks 70.3 Wisconsin, and I was pumped to be able to race again this year. Coming into the race this year, I was looking forward to being able to toe the line with the plan to execute all three legs of the race. Instead of only the swim and the bike like last year due to some refurbishing (hip surgery). This year I was tuned up and ready  to race! Friday before the race we loaded up the truck with everything we would need for racing and training purposes - including pre-made food a'la Chef Joe, because you never do anything new before race day.

Friday marked the usual road trip antics - coffee, snacks, snacks, and more snacks.

We rolled into Ironman Village immediately upon arrival in Madison. Priorities people!

I checked in, found my best friend's hubby to drag him through all the pre-race rituals because it was his first half Ironman, found my spot in transition, and thanked every volunteer that crossed my path. Let's be real, these races don't happen with out the amazing organization of some stellar volunteers. Whether it's the full Ironman or the half Ironman - you can bet your bottom dollar that Madison, Wisconsin is going to deliver...


Saturday morning Joe and I took Mama Getty out for some breakfast before we all went for our workouts. Marigold's Kitchen has a little something delicious for everyone *cough* even vegans *cough*, and bottomless coffee. What more does a girl need? A quick tune up bike and run you say? Yes please!

So I took off on my bike. Shifting through all the gears on my Zipp disc, making sure everything was kosher - and then with 2 minutes until my turn around time the chain flew off the front derailer and quite accurately wedged itself between my crank (pedal) and frame. Now this is a pickle. So I called my mom. Luckily I was close to Ironman Village and she was scoping out the swim out - brilliant! We walked towards each other, decided to head on over to Trek for a little R&R - Rescuing and Refurbishing. READ MORE

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