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Dealing With The Devil...


By Corey Nygaard (swimcoreyrun.blogspot.com)


IRONMAN BOULDER RACE REPORT - Third time is the charm right? This would be my third trip out to BoCo for Ironman and every year was going a little better than the last with racing, training etc. I felt good coming out this time around and was ready to see what my body could do come Sunday.

Mads and I packed up our sick minivan, which was amazing because I didn't have to break my bike down at all. And headed to North Platte, Nebraska, lovely, lovely Nebraska... we went for a run to get all that driving out of the legs and pretty much just chilled.

We got into town Friday morning and did all the necessary things. Went for a swim that night and it felt so good to swim in an outdoor lap pool! Saturday rolled around and I got up early to make final checks on the bike and then went for another outdoor swim because if it is there I want to use it! Mads and I drove to the res and dropped all my bags and bike off and said siyanara. Decided to go for a little drive/adventure after we ate lunch at Noodles. Headed up to Nederland and then across to Ward and I can see why any Colorado cyclist loves riding those roads, I'm envious. It was a good way to relax and get a huge headache, gotta stay up to code on that H2O consumption!  ...


Sunday Morning came around and I got up at 3:30 and ate some picky oats and a Banana, no coffee, which was a wise choice and I think I will stick to that next time too. Off to the high school at 4 and found a parking spot pretty easy, got onto the shuttle bus to the res and was there before I knew it. The sun was coming up and it was a gorgeous sunrise, gave positive vibes for the day ahead! I met up with some team mates and pumped up my tires. We got a quick picture and headed to the swim start. On the way there I saw Taylor and Richard and they had encouraging words for the day and just like that, I said goodbye to Mads and knew I would see her out there a lot on the day.  READ MORE

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