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Mankato Triathletes Rock Out at Fairmont...With Embarrassing Update...


FAIRMONT TRIATHLON – Times suggested that conditions were not optimal for the 165 finishers at the Fairmont races on June 16, an event that draws athletes almost equally from northern Iowa and eastern South Dakota, as well as Minnesota.

Leading the way on the Olympic event was 2017 Green Lake Sprint winner SPENCER SYVERTSON, a member of the Minnesota State Maverick's tri team. His margin of victory was huge, just over ten minutes.


The women's Olympic champ was another successful Mankato triathlete, KRIS ANDERSON, who also won by a substantial margin. Kris isn't the only talented triathlete in her family. Her 15-year-old daughter, GRACE, has shown great promise over the last three seasons. We expect her to contend for Junior of the Year nominations in the near future. Grace raced in the Fairmont Sprint and placed an impressive 4th overall in the women's competition....


The Sprint was won by South Dakota's KEVIN MITCHELL, who also won here in 2015, and Mankato's JULIE BUSCH, a podium finisher at Fairmont for the last three years. 

Second and third were earned by Fairmont Sprint stalwarts, STEPHANIE PETERSON, a former Fairmont resident who had won this race four times, and South Dakotan TERESA VAN HYFTE, who has also been very successful at the Green Lake Sprint. Peterson is a former MInnesota Rookie of th Year nominee who now lives in Apple Valley. RESULTS


ED. Please read the comment below, okay? The MTN Guys blew it. "Grace" is Grace Busch, talented daughter of Julie Busch. We had mistakenly written her name as Grace Anderson in our notes. We should have known better. Sorry.


0 #1 Kyle K 2018-06-25 12:19
While Kris Anderson's kids would likely be talented triathletes (great swimmers and runners), the Grace you're referring to belongs to women's Sprint winner Julie Busch.

ED. Major Oops! Will edit immediately. Sorry 'bout the screw-up.

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