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"It was the right call"....


Yesterday's LAKE MINNETONKA TRIATHLON almost happened. But torrential rains, and persistent lightning in the immediate area, forced the mid-event cancellation. Five swim waves were launched before the devious storm, that on radar, was supposed to pass to the south of the venue, changed course. Only those in the first wave (Elite), and perhaps a few from wave #2 were able to mount up and ride out of T1 before the Powers that Be (law enforcement, race management and probably some insurance guys) decided to pull the plug.

"It was the right call," said participant/totally nice guy PETER LAWYER, 56, from Naples, Florida, adding , "I stating the obvious here."

Yes he was.

Naturally, people were bummed. The fifteen year old event is, after all, a true annual classic.

The most bummed out person there was race founder / director ROSS ROGNEY. The LMT is a true labor of love. Ross loves triathlon and capital-S sport, in general. He also adores Excelsior, his hometown, and relishes the opportunity to show it off. In case you didn't know, Ross lives in the house he grew up in....


"I had a great swim," announced MARC SONTOWSKI with a smile. A truly glass-is-half-full assessment. Then he got together with dear friends NIKKI DOSTERT SUDBERRY, who is a hoot!, and TOM SEGAR, who is very tall, and also a HOOT, and went out for breakfast. Since it was only about eight AM, they couldn't go to Maynard's for post race brewskis, so they probably went to Pannekoeken Huis. 

The rain was light when the first two waves hit the water. Then it got monsoonish to the max and all that lightning that was either way out west or way down south, decided to pick on Excelsior. Still, the race that was unfolding was exciting, though folks had to watch from the covered bandshell, and not along corridor leading from swim exit to transition. One-two out of the water were past champs BRETT LOVAAS (4x) and CHRISTINA ROBERTS (2x). They were followed by 2017 winner NATHAN ANSBAUGH. Shortly thereafter, five-time LMT victor BROOKS GROSSINGER, 2015 winner SUZIE FOX, perennial tri star LISA LENDWAY, whose omnipresent dad is nicknamed STOPWATCH, and emerging talent JOE ADRIEANS.

Gosh, we wanted to see how the elite race shook out.

But more than that, we wanted watch the 550ish AGers, especially all of the newbies, and there were a lot of them, take on this life-changing (and affirming) challenge. These first-timers were asked to raise their hands during the pre-race meeting--Ross gives a great pre-race meeting!--for which they received a thunderous ovation from their veteran peers-to-be. 

It was really cool.



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