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Back-to-Back Wins for the Gophers...


By Andy Hardt, Byron Smith, Sophie Rabino & Melanie Maloney


The University of Minnesota Gophers were back in action these past two weekends as they opened their summer season at the Pigman Triathlon in Cedar Rapids, IA followed by Trinona in Winona, MN.


The Gophers brought 11 total athletes and took the collegiate titles on both the men’s and women’s sides at the Pigman race.

On the women’s side, the Gophers were led by Sophie Rabino in 2nd (collegiate; 7th overall), who was the first or second fastest collegiate on all five splits (including transitions). Newly elected Team President Toni Marano was next in 3rd. Michelle Ring and Payton Keddell also had strong races and helped the team come away with the win. ...



 On the men’s side, the top scorer was Andy Hardt, who overcame a “flying” dismount to finish 3rd (collegiate; 15th overall). Nik Pardoe, Jarrett Mansergh, and Josh Reece also scored for the gophers. Less than 5 minutes separated the Gophers’ scorers on the men’s side....

One other athlete for Gophers fans to note: Minnesota Cross Country, Track & Field, and Triathlon alum Brad Woodford finished 7th overall out of the elite division despite what was by his standards a sub-par run. Woodford has recently returned from a back injury, and will aim to get his pro card sometime this summer....


The gophers brought 16 athletes to compete at Trinona for the race's 10th anniversary. Despite multiple crashes, wet conditions, and a monstrous mile-long climb, our gophers came home with multiple podium finishes.

On the men's side, Nik Pardoe led the Gophers with a strong 2nd place finish, looking good in all 3 disciplines. Garrett Williams, Zach Dahlseng, and Nico Mendevil rounded out the scoring members of the men's team placing 4th, 5th, and 6th respectively. For the women, Mélanie Mahoney was the top collegiate finisher with her sister Sophie Rabino in 3rd place. Heather Taylor (4th) and Elizabeth van Laarhoven (5th) helped secure the team victory.

The first two races of the Midwest Collegiate Triathlon Conference season have gone to the Gophers. With 2 more races to go in the month of June (Quartermax in Innsbruck, MO and Highcliff in Sherwood, WI) the Gophers are hoping to continue this streak.



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