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NEW BRI TRI - The air at Long Lake Regional Park yesterday was nippy, grey and fast-moving. But wind, colorlessness and chill were not the only things in the air.

There was also a grand sense of celebration, a true "Let's get this party started" vibe. That was because the park, for the 13th time, was hosting Minnesota's outdoor tri season opener, and the two-hundred and fifty-or-so New Bri Tri participants, and their sideline supporters as well, were ready to rock 'n roll.

And they did just that. Racers raced hard, and spectators spectated hard. Though the weather kinda sucked, everyone nevertheless made the most of it. And the result was a great morning, one filled with excitement and joy.

Though it may have been more joyful for JOSH MORK, who appeared to be en route to his third career multisport victory when he zigged. Unfortunately, he did so at a point where zigging or zagging was not called for, going straight ahead was. Shortly after he got back on course, he was overtaken by DAVID KOPPEL and 2017 Junior of the Year runner-up GARRETT WELSCH, now 20.

What resulted was a three man sprint to the finish, with Koppel crossing first, and Welsch second. Due to the time trial swim start, however, Welsch was the official winner with a 38-second margin over Koppel, who has podiumed in his first two starts this season. Mork crossed next, the results showing that he was only two seconds out of the silver medal postion.

Despite his mishap, Mork came away from the experience knowing that he raced hard, and well enough to win....


Husband and wife bodybuilder triathletes JEREMY and SARA RONDORF (top photo) rounded the final turn with Jeremy a stride or two in front. With the finish inflatable now in sight, it was Sara's time to find a new gear. Which she did. She finished a second ahead of her husband, fully satisfied that she had spanked him. Jeremy's story differed, however. He claimed, in effect, that chivalry and good breeding dictated that he allow her to win.


Sara's resume, which features at least five wins since 2008, despite being an infrequent racer, suggests that family bragging rights are hers.

Being the first across the line for the women did not insure the win for Sara. The TT start demanded that she wait to see how her later-starting peers fared. In the end, she not only prevailed, but did so by a convincing margin. Second place went to Duluth star ELAINE NELSON, a surprise late registrant, whose time was 1:25 off Rondorf's.

As eventual bronze medalist ISABELLA BUENTING, a diminutive 15-year-old, came into view, a guy near the finish line, like most others in the area, began clapping and cheering wildly. He turned as she went past and saw an even more diminutive woman standing by the inflatable, camera in hand and a proud smile on her face.Their eyes met. "I'm the mom," she announced.

The new course is .5 - 12.8 - 3. Here are the Top 10 and the AG winners, and their times: 

  1. GARRETT WELSCH - 1:00:48

  2. DAVID KOPPEL - 1:01:26

  3. JOSH MORK - 1:01:28

  4. MICHAEL ROSSA - 1:03:37

  5. MIKE BUENTING, 43 - 1:03:44

  6. RYAN COLLISON - 1:03:49

  7. JOHN DREW - 1:03:59

  8. EMMANUEL DARNE, 46 - 1:04:35


  10. ISAAC MUSCANTO - 1:05:28


  1. SARA RONDORF, 40 - 1:09:15

  2. ELAINE NELSON - 1:10:40

  3. ISABELLA BUENTING, 15 - 1:11:21

  4. LYDIA DAVITTDAHL - 1:12:32

  5. LAURA SWARTZ, 51 - 1:13:45

  6. KATERINE JOHNSON - 1:14:10

  7. JEN NEUMAN, 48 - 1:18:10

  8. JULIA MCCARTHY - 1:18:49

  9. CAROLE WEILAND, 47 -  1:20:05

  10. LINDA LANGKOS, 53 - 1:21:33


00-19 - BELLA BUENTING - 1:11:21

40- 44-  MIKE BUENTING - 1:03:44 & SARA RONDORF - 1:09:15

45-49 - EMMANUELE DARNE - 1:04:35 & JENNIFER NEUMAN - 1:18:10

50- 54 - TIM QUESNELL - 1:10:41 & LAURA SWARTZ - 1:13:45

55- 59 - NICHOLAS CRONIN - 1:15:38 & SHARON CARMODY - 1:30:46

60- 64 - THOMAS BERGREN - 1:17:32 & MICHEL SANDERS - 1:39:12

65- 69 -  PAUL ELBING, WI - 1:29:23 & DIANNE GREGORY - 1:37:29

70-74 - ED LEUSTEK, WI - 1:38:39 & NANCY BAUER - 1:46:21



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