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Spontaneity Can Be a Good Thing...



By Christina Roberts (from Facebook)


BERMUDA WORLD TRIATHLON RACE REPORT - Most of you know that I like a good plan and spontaneity is far from my strong suit. So when I decided on Thursday to race in a triathlon in Bermuda on Saturday, I was well out of my comfort zone (thanks Jordan Roby for the push)! I had registration...

secured Thursday evening and booked a flight for the next morning. When I flew out on Friday, I didn’t yet have a bike or place to stay but thanks to some coworkers and a borrowed road bike, it turned into an incredible experience that I won’t ever forget! The ocean swim was awesome, the bike was the most technical course I’ve ever experienced with 4 loops of weaving through the


streets, which was a total blast, and the run was hot, windy, and humid! Oh, and if someone tries to convince you that bike fit isn’t important, tell that to my back and legs which felt the effects of the borrowed bike...! I’m far from my peak fitness but that’s not why I raced. I raced because I had the opportunity to race and wanted to challenge myself. If it scares you, it’s probably good for you!

Plus, I got to watch history made with Norwegians sweeping the men’s podium (maybe they are Nordic skiers too?!) and Flora absolutely dominating the entire women’s race from start to finish. I’ve never seen such home crowd advantage from her fans. It was incredible to be part of that.


The moral of my long story pays homage to the old adage that you’re more likely to regret the things you don’t do rather than the things that you do. RESULTS

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