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ED. On Sunday we received these words from Lynn Overvoorde, who with her daughter Mia, did all four of the YWCA Indoor Tris. On April 8, Lynn did the long event and Mia did the mini.


Hello MTN -- Sorry for not responding earlier to your request.  This snow has me disoriented...

Here is a short blurb about mine and my daughter's tri experience.  
My daughter, Mia (age 16), and I just finished the 4th or 4 YWCA Indoor Triathlons.  I have been participating in triathlons for about 20 years .  These days my goal is to finish one tri a season.  The YWCA women's tri being my favorite because of the positive... energy and inspirational women who participate.  The past 4 or 5 years, my daughters have volunteered for that event.  This year, I was finally able to convince my 16 year old to sign up for her first tri.  The indoor tris seemed to be a good way to start Mia's training for the sport.  Mia rocked all 4 events and is looking forward to the outdoor tri in August. 
Mia and I agree that the run is the worst part of the race.  I would sooner be eaten by a lion that try to outrun it.  Mia says all she needs to do is run faster than me.  While I enjoy both the swim and the bike, Mia's favorite part of the tri is finishing.
While we are fans of snow and skijoring with our dog, winter this year has gone on far too long.  Mia is itching to help her Great River High School girl's ultimate frisbee team defend their three time state championship title.  I'm ready to run outside without having to wear 7 layers of clothes.
The YWCA tri is one of my summer highlights.  This year will be all the better having Mia join me.  I am excited for her to be a part of the powerful and fierce women who complete that race.
Warm wishes - Lynn

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