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The fourth and final event of the YWCA's 2018 Indoor Triathlon Series happened on April 8. It was by far the their best-attended event ever, with 114 athletes crossing the finish line. The previous record was 80 finishers on March 18. Only one Minnesota indoor--Tri-U-Mah--draws more folks than the YWCA.


MTN will be posting several stories featuring people who participated on April 8. Today, we share the words of YWCA Indoor and outdoor triathlon veteran, PATSY LILLEHEI, who with the YWCA's help, became an endurance athlete ten years ago at the age of 64.



When I was running my 25 laps, I thought about all of the YWCA staff that have committed their time and expertise to allow me this exhilarating experience.    In 2011 I joined the YWCA with the goal to prepare for the National Senior Games that were going to be hosted by Minnesota in 2015.

With no hesitation I had a supportive group of men and women trainers.    I am 74 this month and their abilities have opened so many doors to fun for me.  I have competed in Senior Olympics and Games to do Triathlons in Texas, Ohio, Minnesota, Alabama, and Utah.  In Minnesota I have participated in many events with Masters Swim, Bike trials, and 5K runs.   The 2019 National Senior Games selected Albuquerque, New Mexico as the host city June 14-25.  I will qualify this year for that opportunity.  I certainly did not think I could or would do a Triathlon, but the YWCA has created a really powerful program that opened doors for me, a person without any athletic competition in my background until 10 years ago.  Thank you to the expert staff and volunteers!
P.S.  I like to swim.  I like to bike.  The run is my challenge.  Purpose!

Best Wishes,
Pat Lillehei
She followed that email up with: I was a Financial Advisor for over 30 years.  Now my words to live by are “HEALTH IS WEALTH”.  Thank you for your acknowledgement.
ED. Patsy participated in all four of this season's YWCA Indoors, opting each time to do the long course--600yds - 10-mile - 5K-event. 


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