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Great Day for the Weums....


Photo - The family that tris together: Lauren and  Michael Weum.


LIFE TIME PLYMOUTH INDOOR TRIATHLON - Like the Chanhassen indoor, the Plymouth race on January 21 boasted a hearty turnout. Eighty-eight athletes finished the race, nineteen more than the previous year.

We hope this trend carries over to the outdoor season. 


The men's winner was avid distance runner MICHAEL WEUM. Michael has traveled in South America and prefers Argentine food to Chilean cuisine, but agrees that the scenery in both countries is breathtaking.

Michael wasn't the only Weum to rock at Plymouth. His wife, LAUREN, placed 12th among the 52 women who competed.

Back to Michael: he prefers Jimmy Fallon to Stephen Colbert, pronounced "Cole-Bear," it's a French thing, and Jimmy Kimmel. Both he and his wife are into Christian music. We listened to one of their fave bands--"Sidewalk Prophets'--and liked them. Lauren agrees with us that the BBC's show, "Sherlock" needs to be a regular series. FYI, Benedict Cumberbatch is incredible as Sherlock....


Plymouth's women's winner was trail running enthusiast ASHLEY BUSACK. Ashley has wanted to go to Sydney ever since she learned that there is a place called The Peanut Butter Bar that has PB on tap. (The video Is very cool.)

Ms. Busack likes Ellie Goulding's music (Who doesn't!) and Michael Crichton's books.

Here are the Top 5 Plymouth finishers and their point totals:

Overall: 1. MICHAEL WEUM - 259, 2. BRIAN DENNING - 256, 3. JAMES NISKA (M) - 255, 4.RON SEIFORD (M) - 247, 5.ASHLEY BUSACK - 244

Women: - 1. ASHLEY BUSACK - 244, 2. MELISSA HENNESSY - 231, 3. MEGAN HILL - 230, 4. JORDAN BOBLETT - 222, 5. LARA RAMPETSTREITER (M) - 221




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