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Fall in Minnesota, AKA off season. Plus some mini race recaps! 


By Julia Weisbecker (julia-gobiggreen.blogspot.com)


I had a dream last night that it snowed. So if i were to end this blog post in just a few sentences it would read " FALL in MN: we think every day over 60 is the last and we wait for snow. Goodbye." 


When in reality that isn't true its in the back of our heads.  


The leaves are at peak, a bit late, and its cold in the AM and recently gotten into the high 60's and lower 70's for about 1 hour 4-5pm:) I am not quite used to the 35 deg in the AM, but we always say that in a month or two you will wish it was that warm in the AM. So it goes. ..



Here is a little recap of the rest of my summer and my early fall. 


Superiorman Triathlon long course: August. aka Roger's first race. 


We both ended up on the podium which was super cool. We had hoped to stay at our cabin but with the change of venue ( logistics) it meant no saturday bike check, no indoor T, etc it ended up being a huge hassle so we grabbed a bed with my friend Renee. While no race can control the weather, it was wet. Very wet. But luckily we raced in dry and had a lot of fun. Not sure i will go back but i got myself back into the headspace of Half Iron racing ( as in you cannot go as fast as you do in an OLY) and it was super fun to swim in Lake Superior. That i would do again.


And yes Roger is from Wisconsin so we just figure that is what Lake Superior looks like when you live over there. LOL. READ MORE


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