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It Took a Village...



By Nikki Dostert Sudberry (Facebook)


IRONMAN LOUISVILLE RACE REPORT - So I became an Ironman on Sunday evening:) I've put in almost a year of training and it paid off big time. I say that because I had a friggin blast! The last 6 miles of the run I knew I would come in under 13 hours and it kept me focused- other than that it was amazing; high hives, laughs, hugs, ass slaps and even dancing. It was a party. It was my reward for months of training.

This is my opportunity to thank those that helped me not only complete a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run- but to do it and train for it all while having the time of my life:)

First and foremost- my family and close friends. I made training my job and this training affected my time with you. Thank you for letting me put myself first.

My coach, Kris Swarthout from FinalK. My day would NOT have gone this smooth if you didn't push me for the last 10 months. From my first century ride with you and Mike Ladendorf to my first velodrome lesson and cyclocross race- you have pushed me to #bebetter which meant me taking 5th in my AG on the bike in my first Ironman. For so many reasons, Thank you.

Teresa Zimbric Briest- what can I say? I really couldn't swim before I met you. I remember coming out of a sprint triathlon at Waconia last year and Jerry MacNeil was announcing. I came out LAST out of the...

water. And completely spent. Jerry said some nice words to me to keep me going but I never thought I would be able to swim. Sunday I came in better than top half for my age group and I was calm during a very rough swim. You have turned me into a swimmer- for this I thank you.

Marc SontowskiJeff GrebnerTom SegarTimothy Hoffard my bike was good because of you awesome cyclists. Letting this girl tag along and try and keep up with you for 4+ hours of riding and open water swimming every weekend for the last 5 months made me strong- plus you guys are friggin fun and I love being with you; for this I thank you:)

Chris Balser- I don't even know where to start. Most people don't want to look at their bike after a race like this and I can't wait to get back on. You're knowledge about fitting is the absolute best. You are a large part of the reason I do so well on the bike. From my watt meter to my bike fittings and my actual BMC! I don't know how I could have done this without you being so amazing- for this I thank you!!
Rich Sherman and Ambrose- and all the peeps at Now- getting me constantly dialed in for my races and making sure my bike is always running smooth. Thank you 

Lea KirdattAnna Zawadski and all the KE peeps racing a cheering. You have helped me gain knowledge about so many things on my bike and made me strong. Thank you. 

Allison Kopec Krueger and Jill Kopec Swarthout- you two are the best cheerleaders on the planet. Thank you for believing in me and giving me something to look forward to on the course. You made the run better for me. I love you guys- Thank you.

Kent King- from Indiana--YOU! Taking me under your wing, helping me learn the course and be safe. Checking in with me constantly for 2 races and introducing me to my new lifelong friends Robert HeadCheryl Swain Kuzman and Luigi Stunter you helped me become confident on the course. You are an amazing coach and my Ironman was better because of you. Thank you.

Jlvelo- being an ambassador for your triathlon and cycling gear makes me comfortable and super cute while doing 140.6 miles. Who could ask for a better company? You guys are amazing❤️

People are asking if I'll do another Ironman. Of course I will. It hasn't been two days and my soreness is almost completely gone. 12 hours and 48 minutes is how long it took me... it was a helluva ride and an amazing day to do the ultimate race with the best people on the planet supporting me. It really does take a village:)

Now.... where's my beer? #finalk #bebetter #teamjlvelo#ironman

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