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Wanting to go to There...

hudsonRace Preview - Isn't that a great picture? It's an aerial view of picturesque Hudson, Wisconsin. Doesn't looking at this photo make you want to say, as the super tinasmart and milk-shooting-out-your-nose funny and kinda hot Tina Fey (photo) of 30 Rock fame has so often, "I want to go to there"?

Hudson is an especially great "there" to go to for triathletes this Sunday, when the 8th edition of the totally cool St. Croix Valley International Triathlon will be staged at scenic Waterfront Park, which you can almost see in the picture, but not quite because of all the trees...

Will you be there? We hope so. Yes, race day registration is available. RACE WEBSITE

Now for the predictions, courtesy of MTN's prognosticating primate Zippy the Gibbon, who fully expects New Hope's postly-partummed Kortney Haag, who looks a little like Tina Fey only different, and Wisconsin's comely-in-a-totally-manly-sorta-way Brent Sinn to win.

What Zippy doesn't know is that mega-stud Dan Cohen of Eden Prairie, may show up on race morning. If this were to happen, Dan would slide into the men's favorite's slot. It is also quite possible is that North Hudson's lean, mean and rather introverted David Holden will show up, which we totally hope happens. David's enjoying great success this season and may receive a Minnesota Master of the Year nomination. If all three do race, Zippy would probably pick Dan to win; David to place; and the handsome Brent to show. ("Win, Place & Show" is horse racing lexicon stuff.)

While Zip doesn't expect "Kort," as Kortney is known to her friends and other people who just call her that whether she wants them to or not, to be pushed hard, it's possible that 2009 Minnesota Rookie of the Year Suzie Finger will race. If this happens, she--Suze--should knock down 2nd place, finishing in the rather sizable gap between "Kort" and the remainder of the women's field. If Suzie does race it will probably be because Dan Cohen decided to compete. We don't want to insinuate that she's a stalker or anything, but she does seem to follow him--Dan, who like Brent, is totally handsome--around a lot.


Photos L - R: 2010 SCVI faves Dan Cohen, Kortney Haag and the damn-good-looking Brent Sinn.


2009 - Brian Bich (1:57:39) & Kortney Haag (2:14:17)

2008 - Dan Cohen (1:58:44) & Becky Youngberg (2:14:02)

2007 - Sam Hauck (2:01:05) & Cindi Bannink (2:09:43)

2006 - David Holden (1:58:38) & Cathy Yndestad (2:11:52)

2005 - Jesse Nelson (1:58:15) & Sarah Kolpin (2:06:09) * duathlon (cause: lightning)

2004 - Nick Langer (2:04:56) & Becky Burdick (2:18:19)

2003 - Michael Stoick (1:59:32) & Alisa Gartner, TX (2:17:48)

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