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By Ted Treise (venturetri.com)

CHATTANOOGA 70.3 WORLDS Race Report - In my first triathlon at Iowa’s Best Dam Race back in 2012, I remember showing up to transition and thinking wow, there are some heavy hitters here. This guy has a carbon bike, that guy has clip onshoes, and why on God’s Earth is this woman’s helmet shaped like a she’s going to space. The same can be said about my experience at worlds. When I arrived at the site, my eyes were saucers seeing the pro men and women at the event; how they prepped for the race, putting their transition in a particular order.  It was my first race with big names at it couldn’t have been a better experience.

After Madison in June, I took a break from running after tearing some tendons in my upper glute leading up to the race. I was quite butt hurt about not running, and was out of commision until about 6 weeks before worlds thanks to dry needling at Rochester’s ActivePT . Coming back from an injury is always scary when trusting the injury, but I had some major help from Nate Dicks Sports. Like the De Vince he is, I was more than ready when it came to race day at world championships. I cannot stress enough how amazing it was to see my run transform in such a short amount of time under Nate’s guidance....


With the Women’s racing Saturday & Men’s on Sunday, we arrived in Chattanooga Friday afternoon to catch the athlete check in and get my bike dialed in after the always nail biting flying experience. Arriving at the village was crazy. Dorky triathletes in compression socks everywhere talking about past events and watts, I was truly home. On an unrelated note, what are the chances the Ironman store was the entrance and exit to the village for packet pickup. I couldn’t believe it!  READ MORE

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