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l & j(Photo L- R: Maple Grove Triathlon co-directors Lindsey and Jeannette. Don't you love their matching outfits!)

The Dare to Tri directors reflect on their first race.

Amazed. Humbled. Excited, Energized are the words I think of when I think of Dare to TRI this past Saturday. From the hardworking enthusiastic volunteers to the athletes who set goals we were able to watch them complete it was an overall perfect day in my opinion! None of it could have been possible with out the huge support of the Maple Grove community, our families and friends. We are so thankful to have been able to showcase our little corner of the city in a positive active lifestyle light. Congratulations to all involved! We look forward to seeing you next year!

Jeanette Neumann, Race Director

"You decided to start a Triathlon? How?" 'Tis the question we heard much throughout the year. The answer really is a simple "yes" (of course with much heartfelt passion behind it). Our quest to the finish line was a bit different than our participating athletes featuring proposals, late-night laptop sessions,.. brainstorms and the mandatory iced espresso vs. rewarding workouts in the summer elements, decisions on what gear to buy, and doses of protein. However, we cannot have one without the other and on August 28, 2010, both fronts united for an unbelievable triathlon experience. MTN was not joking when it termed a "bazillion storylines" from the event, because on that gorgeous morning, 468 athletes, 200 volunteers, 25+ law enforcement, 4 USAT officials and our Dare to TRI race committee weaved a storyline even Oprah would notice. Yes, there were many great details about the event (my favorite being the race hardware!), but what really made the event worth remembering are the smiles seen across the park. An event such as a triathlon has the power to motivate individuals across all fitness levels as well as an entire community - in our case, the communities of Maple Grove and Corcoran. Providing this opportunity with the genuine support and backing of both communities is one we do not take for granted. Thank you to all athletes, volunteers, sponsors and community members who allowed the Maple Grove Triathlon to exist, for as long as this energy keeps up, let's keep this storyline going many times over. Cheers to a remarkable inaugural experience and more to come in 2011!

Lindsey Kurhajetz, Race Director

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