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By Christel Kippenhan (seecktri.wordpress.com)

“There’s a great fascination with ultras being harder than other races, 
but the mile is every bit as difficult as 100 miles if you apply yourself to it.”
Rickey Gates, ultrarunner
as quoted in Outside Magazine

BREWHOUSE SPRINT RACE REPORT - I heard Kris Swarthout from Final K Sport Services once express a similar sentiment about sprint triathlons:
"Never say you are just doing a sprint triathlon. Sprint triathlons are fast and furious, you push yourself and go all out for the duration of the race."

I was a sprinter growing up, and I’m still a sprinter at heart. So, I love those fast and furious sprint triathlons, especially if they do not skimp on the swim distance. And the Brewhouse Sprint Triathlon does it just right.

Swim > 12:21; 1:31 / 100 yds; 4th female; 1st age group   ....

Garmin > 1:31 / 100 yds

This was a rough swim. I don’t think I was ever hit over my head or I hit others over their head as often as during this swim. At times, the hits came at me from both sides. The swimmer on the right pushing to the left, the swimmer on the left pushing to the right, and me in the middle being squeezed like a lemon. My wave being a mixed wave, I don’t even know whether it was men or women hitting me, but I know that the women rocked this swim. Four of the Top Five swim times were achieved by the women of my wave. I exited the water  5th overall!   READ MORE

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