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Impressive Stuff...

parkSooooooo much about Sunday's Chisago Lakes Triathlon(s) was impressive, and not just basic stuff, like DKT's sub-4 hour winning time, or Patrick Parish's and Jenny Wilcox's crushings of the race records in the sprint. That's really good stuff, though.

What else was there to be impressed with then, you ask?

How about how downright maturishly Ross Weinzierl and Joanna Hall handled their misfortunes. Ross was kicking tush when he was forced to DNF. How did he handle it? With an understanding shrug of the shoulders, a big smile--which is a ubiquitous part of his extroverted signature--and the clear understanding that there will be other opportunities.

You thoroughly impressed us, Ross. (See photo on next page. Ross is the tall smiley guy on the left.)

Poor pretty Joanna. Two flats and more than a half hour of..

mid-race non-racing because of them. She was rescued by a guy who fixed her 2nd flat--we're totally impressed with him, rosstoo--and pressed on. It was important for her to finish her first half, which she did in 5:38:36. She could have played the "What If" game immediately afterward. Heck, she was flirting with a sub-5 on her first effort at the distance. She could have ranted, saying stuff like "dang it" and other sub-obscenities. Instead she was HAPPY--though somewhat nauseous--and anxious to find and thank the guy who made it possible for her to go the distance.

You are impressive, Joanna.

Teresa Brenneke (cool bike photo below) totally impressed us. She was soooooo genuinely happy for and supportive of the participants that she coaches that it was easy to forget--even by herself-- that she raced, too. In fact, she placed 30th in 5:13:32. Not too shabby, eh? But Coach "T" was positively giddy with pride over the performances of those who seek her sagely counsel. She was as elated with Angie Schmidt's PR (4:53:46), divisional win and Top 10 overall finish as Angie was. Maybe moreso.

Jenny Wilcox, another T coachee, handles her performances in a rather shy and stoic way. She's won four races this year, set three course records, including the one she posted on Sunday, and is destined to garner a spate of MMA nominations at season's end. She is not one to make a big

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