"A Clear Path Forward"...


By David Koppel

Plenty of things to be thankful for in 2023 and to be excited about for 2024. Travel and exploring new and old places with @kelsiekoppel and our kids is definitely at the top of the list. It’s really awesome when we get a chance to take a break from the mundane, driving from practice to practice, to get out into the world as a family with few distractions. Planning for more of that in 2024, but the nonstop sports and kid activities are fun too!...

This year of sport will certainly be different than the last decade for me, but I’m really happy with where DK Endurance has gone in one year, as I’ve seen about 8x growth from 1/23 to 1/24. So excited to continue the momentum with old and new athletes in 2024! The PR’s and finish line triumphs of my coached athletes will be extra sweet as I likely won’t be having any of those myself, as a triathlete this year.

2023 was exactly the start to racing with @emjtriteam teammates and @yoderperformance that I expected - almost winning the overall @ironmantri Tulsa 70.3. But, after I was injured in a crash in a race on 7/30, I’ve dealt with repeated setbacks and just confirmed on 12.28 that I’ll be having cartilage transplant surgery (OCA) in my knee that will hopefully allow me to get back to the sport I love in late 2024 or early 2025. It’s been a tough pill to swallow, but I’m honestly relieved to finally have a clear path forward after 5 months of issues. Also looking forward to some potentially new race formats while I recover, like fatbike, open water swim, time trialing and maybe aqua bike.

Here’s to a healthy, rejuvenating 2024 with lots of family time!!