2023 Performance Standard-Setters...


Last year Matt and Damon, two members of the Minnesota Multisport Honors Selection Committee, discussed their respective unofficial MMH picks. Their goal was to applaud those who set the performance standards in 2022. Matt and Damon are stepping aside this year; it's Mav's and Goose's turn to break down some data....

Goose is especially excited about those triathletes who have improved significantly this year, guys like PETER WIKMAN (photo), DILLON WILLIAMS, TIM BONTRAGER and COREY NYGAARD, though orey needs one more race to be eligible for MI consideration.


petersquare.pngMav is excited about the impact of decorated distance runners, like MARGARET LUDICK and MELISSA GOBLE, who were impressive in their triathlon debuts. He also thinks that South Dakota's TERESA VAN HYFTE, 57, should be part of the Grand Master discussion. She has raced in Minnesota three times this year, placing second overall twice and eighth once.


Junior boys have excelled this year, with 2022 JOY NOAH BILLINGS, 17, leading the way. SEAN PICKLE, 18, will certainly be in the discussion, and perhaps the Most Improved cnversation as well. There are some up-and-comers to keep our eyes on, NOAH MAHONEY, 17 and NOLAN SNYDER, 14.


MACY IYER, Junior of the Year in 2020, appears to be the female frontrunner for JOY.


Concerning male Grand Masters, KEITH TUFTE, 63, and JEFF GILMER, 64, have enjoyed outstranding seasons. The point is there is much to talk about over the next six weeks (NOTE: we are anxiously awaiting MInnesota results from Ironman Wisconsin and KONA.). Stay tuned.