Honoring a Legend...



By Nick Morales

The MN Triathlon Community and Triathlon in general lost a great and inspirational athlete with the passing of Bob Powers at the age of 98. This picture was from 2015 at the Heart of the Lake Triathlon. He was probably 90 or 91. Heard he did his last triathlon at 92.

Bob took up the sport of triathlon at the age of 65.

In his later years he wasn’t the fastest guy on the course, but for sure he was the most determined guy to get to the finish line. Even though he was tired after crossing the finish line he was always surrounded by people talking to him.

I interviewed Bob once. He was more interested in what I was up to versus talking about himself. I learned he was a Marine who served our country in war, he might have received a medal or two for his service (would have to find that old interview but recall something like this).

Back in 2012 from June 30th – July 22nd (23 days / 3 weeks) Bob travelled to three different triathlon events across the Minnesota (Manitou Triathlon, Timberman Triathlon and Chisago Triathlon) to be around fellow athletes and do one of the things he enjoyed doing on the weekends, competing in triathlons.

First class guy all the way. What an inspiration he was to all of us.

An amazing triathlete who proves and shows that you can still be active and doing triathlons in your 80’s or early 90’s.
When he went by at a race, athletes and spectators way younger than him, that didn’t know him, were amazed to see him out on the course doing this sport. He loved showing people including his friends that it’s not all about sitting around when you are old.

R.I.P. my friend, I will miss ya…