Damon's Unofficial Team Minnesota Women's Picks...


2022 Re-Post - Matt and Damon have posted their unofficial 2022 MMH choices, and are now debating whether to post unofficial Team Minnesota rosters, i.e. the Top 10 Minnesota male and female triathletes based on resume. Matt wants to rank athletes. Damon would prefer to simply list, in alpha order, the athletes who raced well enough to be included. 

Damon worried that the shrinking number of Minnesota races plus post-pandemic attrition and the fact that several of our state's best triathletes did not meet the minimum volume (3 impressive performances) requirements would result in five-member teams. That list of ineligibles includes KORTNEY HAAG, SHYANNE MCGREGOR, DIANE HANKEE, KELLY TROM-NYGREN, NICOLE CUENO and SARA CARLSON on the women's side, and JOE ADRIAENS, KRIS SPOTH, JAKE KEEHAN, KARL NYGREN and KEVIN O'CONNOR for the men.

After some research, Damon was surprised that the list of potential Team Minnesota candidates is actually a rather lengthy one. Here are some of his observations about the 2022 women's team:

In alpha order, these are the ten women who, in his opinion, deserve berths:

- KATIE DEREGNIER - Impressive wins at Square Lake 70.3 and Oro Valley (AZ), and a 4th at Chisago and a 13th at Ironman Des Moines.

- CAMI ECKHOFF - Two wins, two 2nds in regional action. Damon's MI pick.

- ELENA HENGEL - Two wins, two 2nds and a 3rd in regional races. Damon's MI runner-up.


- CARYN HERRICK (photo R) - A fast win at Green Lake Olympic (WI), a 2nd at Chisago (4:48:40) and a 6th overall women's finish  at Ironman Tulsa.


- HEATHER LENDWAY - Three starts, three wins, all of which were POY caliber.

- VANESSA NAGEL - Two wins and a 3rd in regional starts, plus she was the fastest MN woman at Olympic Nationals.

- ELAINE NELSON - Three wins and a 3rd in four starts in 2022.

- CHRISTINA ROBERTS - Two wins and a 2nd in three starts, plus a Swim/Run (Mackinac Island, MI) team victory (with Caryn Herrick).


- PAIGE SCHULZ (top photo) - A win at Ironman Madison 70.3 and 3rds at Tri West adn Maple Grove.

- MAGGIE SWANSON - Wins at Ironman Wisconsin, Buffalo Olympic and Lake Minnetonka and a 2nd at Door County Half.

Also considered: Cheryl Zitur, Catherine Lee, Bettina Keppers, Bette Rowley and Grace Busch.