"Your Body Can do a Lot More Than You Think it Can"...



By Evan Michealson (saukrapidsherald.com)

Amy Woolsey was looking for a new challenge when she participated in the Chain of Lakes Sprint Triathlon in Alexandria in 2002. When she completed the race, she not only discovered an additional way of testing herself, but also a sense of purpose....

“I went into it not knowing a whole lot and didn’t have all of the right gear, and I was hooked immediately,” she said. “I fell in love with the sport from the very first race.”

Woolsey, who moved to Duelm from Sauk Rapids with her husband Billy in January, has since transformed this initial curiosity into a heartfelt enjoyment of triathlons. The instructional coach at Mississippi Heights Elementary in Sauk Rapids runs anywhere from one to 10 races every year, including triathlons, duathlons and marathons.

Such a rigorous dedication to the craft requires intensive training, which often begins in January, months before Woolsey’s first race. She often finds pre-made regimens online and follows the schedule to a tee.  READ MORE