What Kind of Triathlon Finisher Are You?


By Adam Hill (triathlete.com)

Triathlon is an inherently silly sport. We dress up in spandex and punish ourselves through three events—not one, not two, but three. All for a shiny medal and the glory of the finish line.

Ah yes, the finish line. It’s what we train for, what we celebrate, and it can bring out the best in people. It can also bring out…other things. In that state of euphoria and exhaustion, unique quirks arise—some quirkier than others. There are almost as many different types of finishers as there are racers, but a few quirks float to the surface as the most common. Maybe I’m biased, since I’m guilty of many of these, but I don’t think we should be ashamed of our finish line foolishness. Instead, we should celebrate our uniqueness, and embrace the silliness of this sport we know and love. Declare loudly and proudly: Yes, I am a puker. ...

Which of these types of triathlon finishers are you?

1 The Runner – If you have ever had the pleasure of volunteering at the finish line of a triathlon, you have likely encountered—or just missed—one of these finishers. You see them coming, running full speed toward the finish line. You have their medal at the ready, outstretched in preparation for the neck about to receive it. But something is amiss: the racer isn’t slowing down. They blow right by you. Perhaps they’re too sore to stop. Perhaps, in their delirium, they didn’t even see the finish line. Maybe they just don’t care. Like Forrest Gump at a football game, they just keep running!  READ MORE