Swenson is US Junior Triathlete of the Year!



By Kristina Swenson

As a big sister, one of the best things in the world is seeing your little brother grow up to not only be an amazing human, but an amazing athlete too.
While I may have started the Swenson family triathlon journey back in 2005, the legacy my brother has left and will continue to leave has far exceeded mine - which I couldn’t be more proud of.

With nearly 500,000 members a year, our governing body USA Triathlon has awarded Kyle Swenson one of the biggest honors of 2021 - Men’s Junior Triathlete of the Year. The Junior age group consists of male athletes age 19 and under - in this case, approximately 335 of them. This tremendous accomplishment and recognition just makes my big sister and triathlete heart burst with pride. Below is what USAT and Kyle had to say about this honor - and what humble thoughts, too.

“The Men’s Junior Triathlete of the Year honors went to Kyle Swenson (Rogers, Minn.) Swenson, 19, placed second in his age group in the Olympic-Distance National Championship at Age Group National Championships, and earned the overall victories at the HITS/Alpha Win Triathlon in Sarasota, Florida and the Lake Minnetonka Triathlon, Timberman Triathlon and Maple Grove Triathlon races in his home state of Minnesota. He is coached by Evan Culbert and is a member of the Triathlon Club at Iowa State University.

‘I am honored to have received this recognition knowing the accomplishments the former honorees have and continue to achieve,” Swenson said. “I am blessed to be surrounded by family, friends, teammates, coaches and supporters who have invested so much into helping me succeed in the sport that I love.’”