Kettlebells, Sourdough, Beachbody & Doggos....


By Erin Weiler (sweetsweatlife.com - 12/31/2021)

Is it just me or is January just the most meh month? The holidays are done, but the cold and winter are still around for a few more months. Subzero temps here for so much of the month made it really tough to get outside, but it’s warmed up a smidge so we’ve been trying to bundle up to get out for some fresh air – and even when it’s only 20F, that fresh air makes such a difference! One of my favorite days of January was our first trip to the dog park after what seemed like weeks stuck inside. Nothing like some forest bathing to revitalize the soul.

A few other overall thoughts from this month:

* Going back to work after the holiday break (nearly 3 weeks!) was rough. As in maybe rougher than going back after mat leave. I’m not sure why, only that it was hard and I’m still adjusting and tomorrow’s February.
* I love sharing recommendations of my favorite things, but writing a dedicated monthly post just isn’t working for me right now. So I’m instead gonna share in these currently posts the 1-2 things that are making life better and more functional....

* I wrote down some goals for the year, but I gotta say: in this weird AF time warp we’ve been living in for two years, I feel sorta meh about goals (along with feeling that way about so many things), but nonetheless, I set some for normalcy’s sake. I’d love to hear if you’re setting goals – please share!

Anyway, here’s what’s been up the first month of 2022 (2022 WHAT).

strength training

I’ve both long known and talked about the importance of strength training, but other than some kettlebell swings and band work, it’s been near impossible for me to do. Likely because I didn’t know what to do so it felt all over the place and not effective. I like following a clear plan!

I knew my approach had to change – to help me stay injury-free postpartum while marathon training – so after seeing some friends have success, I signed up for Beachbody. And much to my surprise (I know I can’t be the only one who thought Beachbody was hokey), it’s been fantastic and exactly what I needed: easy-to-follow, straightforward videos (20 minutes 3x/week) that I can easily fit into marathon training. I feel stronger and more fit a month in and have no plans to stop.  READ MORE