2021 Observations...


 2021 Observations and  comments:

- YWCA WOMEN'S TRI is back! After a two-year Covid hiatus, the YWCA Women's Tri, truly one of the US' premier women's-only endurance events, is returning to the schedule. The date should be announced soon.

- MTN congratulates the organizers of the "new" ALEXANDRIA TRIATHLON on the success of their inaugural event last year. The race was awesome, featuring great courses, large-than-anticipated turnout (230 finishers!) and enthusiastic community support (volunteers, sponsors, race management). (ED. Alexandria has lots of reasonabley priced hotels!)

- MTN also congratulates organizers of the HEART OF THE LAKES TRIATHLON on the changes they instituted in 2021, especially the new transition layout and the reconfigured run course for its short course race. Another 2021 HOLT brightspot was the women in the crowd, who in the absence of pre-recorded (Whitney) music, stepped in and blew us all away with her powerful rendition of our national anthem. Who was that women? We hope she returns to HOLT next July.

- Of all the races that MTN guys witnessed last year, the one with the "Best Finish LIne Crowd," i.e. loudest, happiest etc., was the HOPKINS ROYAL TRIATHLON (photo). Deafening decibels from the first finisher to the last. 

- It's time to start thinking about which races you'll do in 2022. We suggest that everyone consider kicking off their multisport season at the our state's oldest multi, which is also one of our country's premier duathlons. APPLE is celebrating its 40th (!) anniversary on May 21. Lots of special stuff is planned. Let's make Apple XL its largest and best edition yet.

- FInally, there are hundreds of Minnesota triathletes who do not race in Minnesota, opting to do Ironman-branded races elsewhere. The MTN Guys remind those folks that in-state races need their support, so we encourage our state's vagabond triathletes to do at least one Minnesota race in 2022. It will make a difference. AND, it will show those athletes that our local races are just as good as the higher-priced, prestige-brand international circuit events.