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2021 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - There has never been a better year for our state's female Grand Masters. More over age-55 women rocked the local, regional and national scenes than ever before. PAM STEVENS, 68, CHRISTEL KIPPENHAN, 56, AMY WOOLSEY, 55, TRACY SERREYN, 57, turned in stellar performances, as did MARY DEEG, 59, LISA HINES, 58, RHIANNON O'CONNOR, 65, and others. 

Those athletes performed at a very high level, but three Grand Masters raced at an even higher level. Every effort turned in by these women was national, if not world, level. Those three extraordinary athletes are our nominees for 2021 FEMALE GRAND MASTER OF THE YEAR.

In alpha order, they are JAN GUENTHER, JULIA WEISBECKER and CHERYL ZITUR. Check out their hightlights:  ...



JAN GUENTHER, 62, Long Lake (photo R)

- 2nd AG @ Ironman Wisconsin - 12:00:32 (Note: Jan finished just 29 seconds behind the winner, New York iron vet Fran Vincent. Both women crushed Kathy Henderson's AG record .)

- 10th overall woman at Apple - AG Record

- 10th overall woman @ Lake Minnetonka - AG Record

- 10th overall woman @ Heart of the Lakes - AG record

- 15th overall woman @ Chisago Half IM - AG Record




JULIA WEISBECKER, 55, St. Paul (top photo)

- 1st AG @ Ironman Chattanooga - 11:55:07

- 3rd overall @ Apple Duathlon - AG Record

- 14th overall / 1st AG @ Des Moines (Beat all 45-and-up women! Was 5th overall female master.)


CHERYL ZITUR, 57, Corcoran (photo L)

- 1st overall @ Buffalo Sprint

- 1st overall @ Northwoods - 1:09:01

- 3rd overall @ Gear West Olympic


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