Horner & Jesson Are August Athletes of the Month...




To reiterate, athletes need at least two outstanding performances during the month in question to be eligible for AOM consideration.

Here are the August 2021 AOMs:


Female Athlete of the Month:  JENNA HORNER. 23, Eden Prairie

The Committee was in 100% agreement with Jenna's selection. Check out her August scorecard:

- 2nd @ Ironman Maine 70.3 - 4:30:42

- 5th @ USAT Olympic Nationals - 2:11:10 (1st AG)

- 10th @ USAT Sprint Nationals (2nd AG)


Also considered: GABY BUNTEN, 29, St. Paul, and CAMI ECKHOFF, 35, Detroit Lakes...


Male Athlete of the Month: HENRY JESSON, 25, St. Louis Park (photo R)

Based on his performances at Nationals, where he had the fastest times and highest placings of any Minnesotan, Henry managed to edge out DAVID KOPPEL, who posted two regional victories in August, and AJ MANNING for this accolade. Manning also posted two regional wins last month.


Jesson's August Resume:

- 7th overall @ USAT Sprint Nationals - 57:46

- 20th overall @ Olympic Nationals - 1:58:29


Junior of the Month - KYLE SWENSON, 19, Rogers

Kyle's August Scorecard speaks for itself:

- 1st overall @ Maple Grove Olympic - 1:55:07 (Margin of victory - 2:24!)

- 14th overall @ USAT Sprint Nationals - 59:15 (4th AG)

- 40th overall @ USAT Olympic Nationals - 2:00:59 (2nd AG)

Also discussed: NOAH BILLINGS, 15, Rochester



Female Grand Master of the Month - CHERYL ZITUR, 56, Corcoran

Like Kyle and Jenna, Cheryl was the obvious pick here. Here's what she did in August:

- 1st overall @ Northwoods Traithlon - 1:09:01 - Age Group Record

- 3rd overall / 1st 50+ @ Gear West Olympic

Also considered: CHRISTEL KIPPENHAN, 56, Bemidji.


Male Grand Master of the Month - TIM BROWN, 62, Blaine

Once again, Tim is our GMOM, though he didn't run away with the honor this time. JEFF GILMER, 62, of Annandale, set two AGRs in August (Green Lake Olympic and Lakes Country), but it was agreed that Tim's divisional victories came against more competitive fields.

Tim's August scorecard:

- 1st AG @ Big Lake Olympic

- 1st AG @ Maple Grove Olympic