Part III - Family & Doing This Pro Thing...


By Ted Treise

Heart of the Lakes Triathlon

This was an absolute blast of an event. My mom’s side of the family’s cabin is in Annandale and coincidently the weekend of HOLT was the same weekend as our family reunion at said cabin. On race morning, team Treise had a crew! Going into the race my mentality was, I just wanted to suit up and race, that’s it – whatever that meant for performance-wise was secondary after coming off a midseason break.

S: Josh Mork, AKA Mr. Wildcard, put in a huge effort with the goal of gapping the field. The young gun, Kyle Swenson, was able to hang on with Kevin O’Connor and myself sharing his draft. Once Kevin pulled off, the three of us swam back into shore.

B/R: On the bike it wouldn’t surprise me if Josh pushed 27-28mph or whatever to stay up front. IMO he races best on the front of the race & once he’s there, Josh is not going anywhere. However this wasn’t his day. I took the lead leaving transition then hung out there until the finish. I felt decent on bike, but am most excited to come away with a good run. My runs this year have been labored and I’m finally feeling the flow out there. In all, a great day on the course and you cannot beat racing local....

Overall I am really stoked on how this season has gone. I am making packs on the swim and will soon be with the main field. On the bike, I am learning how to ride with a group along with the do’s and don’t’s! Once the bike settles down, I can get my run moving again. It’s been frustrating running in the 1:20s, but I am confident some teens will peak through at the back end of this season. With all this I can’t help but bring up how much fun doing this pro thing is with Dani, my wife. We’re going through the same trials and turbulence making it all the more fun.

For the rest of my season, I plan on racing Maine 70.3, Augusta 70.3, then finally IM California in October. My plan is to double down on what I am doing. Massages at Odom, mobility, & keeping smoking hot Dimond tuned up at Gear West. If I can just consistently improve month by month, year by year, I am confident I’ll be on the podium soon.