Penguins & Projectile Vomit...


By Johnny Surpise

“Be like penguins”

I had one of the best training trips a triathlete could ask for. I was in Tucson for 5 days of nothing but riding with a swim and run mixed in. The best part of the trip wasn’t the 340 miles biked, it was again learning from one of the nation’s top cyclist, Paul Thomas. ...

PT, as he is really called, is someone rare in our sport. His creds from the age of 11 to now are incredible. He keeps no medals, shies away from the spotlight of his success. He would rather pass along his knowledge to willing athletes and friends like me. One of his key phrases when riding is “Be like Penguins” meaning stick together. Keep the emotional connection when on the bike.johnnypaul.jpg

I learned this at mile 62 and 70 on our last 100 mile ride. I projectile vomited off the bike (Puke & Rally) and fell off pace, which was insane! Hillary, Austin and PT quickly surrounded me and got me back up to pace. While pouring water on me and in me. PT is more than an athlete, coach and mentor. He is real, he is true and he believes that if you are emotionally connected with your fellow penguin/training partner you stick together through thick and thin so the training becomes fun and you are connected in more ways then one.

Once you find your fellow penguin, hold on to them. Everything that is hard suddenly becomes easier and more enjoyable. In the pool, on the bike, and on the run.

Thank you PT