Elaine and Mike...


Since 2011 when she was nominated for Rookie of the Year, ELAINE NELSON has amassed 20 triathlon victories.


What a crazy year it's been.  I remember thinking in March 2020 that our summer / racing schedule probably would be a little different..... but I didn't think that pretty much all the races would be cancelled!

I was really hoping to do a Half Ironman last summer....So I decided to do one with my husband (and have the grandparents watch the kids).  It was a humbling experience.  I had an 8 min lead after the swim and extended that to an 11 min lead after the bike.  When we started the run, my legs were pretty tired (probably from biking too hard) and I started to walk / run at about mile 3.  By mile 8, I hobbled to a stop at the side of the road as my legs completely cramped up (and I couldn't move).  I needed to get a ride back to his parents' cabin as my legs would seize up every time I tried to bend them!  ...

I'm hoping to do some races this summer (probably mostly in Duluth where we have childcare).  (Buzz Ryan, Brewhouse) 

We may try to go down to the Cities for a Tri (if we can arrange childcare)

I'd love to do the Apple Duathlon.... but again it may be tricky to  do childcare (unless I can convince my husband NOT to race!) 

We also may do a "destination" triathlon (go somewhere different and make it a family trip).

I've been doing a lot of training for cross-country skiing this winter and looking forward to skiing the American Birkebeiner ski race ….  Hopefully this fitness will transfer over to Triathlons in the summer!

Hope everyone doing well and staying safe. - Elaine Nelson


Two-time Minnestra Master of the Year nominee MIKE BUENTING has big plans for 2021.


.... 2021 season! I'm fired up!  We are still waiting to here if Bella will have an NCAA triathlon season this spring, and those dates as it will help us decide on things. 

very good chance I'll be in Miami in March to race at Challenge Miami, then in May I will be down in Chattanooga, TN for IM 70.3 

June    Buffalo Triathlon will be in the books for sure!  both Bella and myself.  My plan is to support those Graniteman guys as much as I can and that fits into my schedule. I really appreciate them pulling off two races in 2020! And I think they did amazing with those events, especially Big lake. That race was a blast and I got to race with Bella there.  Bella really wants to do Lake Minnetonka Tri so I'm sure we will figure that out, and then boogie quickly for my hometown of Des Moines so I can race IM 70.3 in DSM. 

Heart of the Lakes will be a must! and hopefully Chisago as well love both of those races! 

August we will do USAT Nationals in Milwaukee for sure, and then most likely be moving Bella to college. 
I'm qualified for World Championships in Edmonton, CA and have my spot saved, just not sure if I can race? depends on moving Bella to college. 
I'm also qualified for Duathlon world championships in Alemere, Netherlands in Sept. and so is my wife Shannon so we might squeeze in husband and wife Team USA race? unless I qualify for 70.3 Worlds in St George then those will be in the schedule. 

Basically I plan to race as much as I can and whatever events are happening locally, nationally, international. 

I'm truly in some great shape right now, except the swim (6-7 weeks off swim) is really hard but I'm sure in a month that will come back. 
I ride a lot of bike... live on Zwift and am getting my run miles and speed back up. 

Bella is training well also, and hopes to have a busy year and chase some podiums! her sights are set on an NCAA national title once that season can start. 

I really miss the multi sport family, the community around here is amazing! We have some of the best athletes anywhere and just some really quality amazing people! 
I think that was one of the hardest things of 2020 being alone and missing the triathlon community. Which makes that race day at Big lake the best day of 2020! even if I get beat by that young buck Kyle Swenson (ha ha) actually super happy for him, he is such a great kid! kind of kid you would approve your daughter dating ha.. and such a gifted athlete! 

So until we all can gather in transition, I'll be in my basement on the turbo trainer watching youtube and triathlon and cycling videos! 
or helping our community with bikes at gear at Freewheel bike shop in Eden Prairie.

Mike Buenting