Wiberg, Roberts and Swenson...


Winner of at least nine multis in his career and former Master of the Year nominee ANDY WIBERB has his sights set on a couple late summer races:


Hey MTN,  hope you're doing well. It's unlikely I'll be able to get back into race form anytime soon with all the current challenges. I'm hoping maybe late season I can get a race or two in. It sure will be motivating to see many of the big names back this year! Take care. - Andy Wiberg


CHRISTINA ROBERTS reached the 25-win mark in 2019 and plans to add to that total in 2021. She's also psyched about reconnecting with friends in peers.


Hey MTN! So good to hear from you....

I definitely plan to race this coming summer. I don't know exactly what it's going to look like but as of right now, I have deferred entries into 70.3 Des moines and Nationals but I definitely  plan to race in the local races like usual. I'm just waiting to see how everything shakes out with COVID .... I miss racing and and I miss the community.

I think people are pretty excited to get back out to racing (including myself) and I can't wait to reunite with my favorite type A people :) - Christina Roberts (photo L) ...


A terminally upbeat person, 2020 Team Minnesota selectee KRISTINA SWENSON has been a force on the regional scene for the last three seasons especially. In 15 starts during this period she's podiumed six times and  only finished out of the Top 5 on four occasions.


Racing this year? You betcha! 70.3 Des Moines (my first 70.3!), Age Group Nats, and Olympic Distance Age Group Worlds in Edmonton are three for sures.  I’d also like to give the Twin Cities Marathon a try if I’m healthy and able to ramp up training appropriately. That will be my first marathon as well and I feel a bit of obligation with Medtronic as the title sponsor, don’t ya think? ;)

Buffalo, HOLT, and Maple Grove are a few of my favorites that I’d like to put on the calendar if I can make it work! 

2020 taught me a lot about myself. When the races go away, you really have to figure out what’s encouraging and inspiring you to keep going. For me, it’s a desire to push myself outside of my comfort zone; a personal commitment to the health and wellness of my body, mind, and spirit; and an opportunity to connect with my family and our amazing community of people in MN, the US, and around the world. At the end of day, the moments of peace and joy are the ones that really matter: the people I meet along the way, the places I am fortunate enough to travel to, and the times I just truly have fun racing. The hours I train, the schedule I follow, and the specific workouts I do won’t. Cheers to a healthy, full season of racing in 2021 where everyone returns renewed and celebrating why they love our sport!  - Kristina Swenson (photo R)