Making Plans...


Tcherylhead.pnghree-time Minnesota Master of the Year CHERY ZITUR is anxious to race in 2021: 

Happy new year! I plan to race this summer starting with Buffalo!  ... Doing Stillwater (Square Lake) at the end of last season got me excited for a 2021 season!! I have missed the sport, friends and the amazing MN courses.  - Cheryl Zitur (photo R)


Six-time Master of the Year KEVIN O'CONNOR discusses his friendly rivalry with WADE CRUSER and MIKE BUENTING...

I did sign up for Clearwater and Apple already so I've made a bit of a commitment. ... I'll do HOLT.  If I'm not feeling too old I'll race at Milwaukee (Nationals).  I'm turning 50 and I officially turned old over the past 6 months.  Outside of a third cardiac ablation I also have lost any ability to read smaller than a 40pt font, lost half my hearing, blisters from Wild Parsnip, developed  Gout in two fingers, and had Shingles for 6 weeks (all in 2020). But, I know that I won't need to do any pool training to come out of the water ahead of Wade and MIke.  Not saying the race will end that way but at least I won't get pummeled from gun to tape.  (Except at Apple) - Kevin O'Connor (photo L) ...




Wholden.pnginner of more than 20 triathlons in his career, DAVID HOLDEN has his sights set on Olympic and longer distance races in 2021:mork.png


Hey MTN! I hope the winter season is treating you well. I am really enjoying biking on a smart trainer and doing Zwift events. I am currently planning on doing Ironman Wisconsin and Chisago half...I would also like to jump in an Olympic distance race or two in June. Hope to see you at the races this year. Stay safe! - David Holden (photo L)


Two-time Minnesota Triathlete of the Year nominee JOSH MORK plans to race often in 2021.

Hi MTN!  Thanks for reaching out!   Although I'm not super amped for triathlon at this moment and my training has been very minimal, I'll likely come around as the days get longer and the season looms closer.  With that said I'll more than likely do a variety of local races...Josh Mork (photo R)