More Encouraging Words....


Runbuentings.pngner-up for Rookie of the Year in 2014, KELLY TROM (photo L) has developed into one of our region's top long distance triathletes, owning six 70.3 podium finishes, including a win at Chisago in 2015. She is also one of the coolest people we know!


Thanks for messaging and getting the juices flowing. Excited that you’re excited about the 2021 season... SO, prompted by your email, Karl and I went digging into the 2021 current proposed season’s lineup.   1- do you know anything about superior man coming back‽!   That’d be a great half we’d love to do but didn’t see it yet on the calendar. (ED. We have reached out to race organizers but haven't received a reply as yet.)

And 2- Agenda otherwise, Karl (my fiancé!!) and I are doing Chattanooga IM together (his first, my 5th) which means there’s plenty of races of interest in prep for that late Sept event. He showed up at the Chisago half with me in 2019, a week out, and impressively...well annoyingly did very well in the Half IM so I’m sure his season will be fun.   But...

hoping to do ...Chisago half, and hopeful for superior man to return as that has better timing than Square lake Half. Might squeeze in MG tri or Buffalo in there as well to get the feet wet, but as you can see, we’re hopeful about a fun 2021 tri season over here!

Hoping you are off to a great new start for 2021 and all the netflix streaming options abound, and book time one can get!

Thanks for writing, and motivating, and generating some excitement...!- Kelly Trom


MIKE BUENTING is a two-time Minnesota Master of the Year nominee and father of BELLA, the 2019 Female Junior of the Year. (photo top R)saragman.png

I'll be racing 100%... what events not sure?    Bella will also be racing! Buffalo I'm sure I'll be at.. HOLT and others!  I have two 70.3 to do as well with Des Moines and Chattanooga.  - Mike Buenting 



This Brainerd-based mother of three "kiddos," SARA CARLSON won half of the eight tris she'd done between 2017 and 2019.

Hey MTN!

So fun to hear from you. Yes, I do plan on making a carbon copy (sheesh, I'm old) of my 2020 season and racing it this upcoming 2021 season! My 'A' race will be my IM #5 (my 4th IMOO) on Sept 12th. Hopefully all will be a definite go by then. It'll be interesting to see how combining the 70.3 and full-distance racers goes. But, as always, I'm hoping for the best ! I will also race Chisago half and who-knows-what-else tune-up races to get me there. I saw the Scheels Earth Day half just canceled . Maybe Fargo? I bet you and your crew are so eager to get back on the racing scene too! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Here's to some good times on the horizon! - Sara Carlson (photo R)


Coming off a strong season in 2020, where she was part of the "Most Improved" discussion, BETTE ROWLEY (and her mom COLLEEN - photo L) are anxious to return to racing this year.

Certainly! Can't shut my mama down! We will both be there come hell or high water! Looking forward to getting back to it. - Bette Rowley (photo L)