Dani & Brian....


MTN recently reached out to approximately 50 of our state's most successful triathletes to see if they are as anxious as we are to get back to a normal racing season in 2021. Almost all of them responded immediately. And almost all of them are not only anxious to race again, but hope they can encourage others to get fired up for next season. Here's a few of their comments: ..

Three-brianwarner.pngtime MMH winner--2015 Rookie of the Year, 2015 Long Distance Athlete of the Year, 2017 Performance of the Year, DANI TREISE, nee Vsetecka, is truly a national level talent. She hopes that you are as focused as she to return to racing:


Hi MTN! Good to hear from you! I'm SUPER excited to return to racing! I'm actually hoping to target some early spring races if they are able to take place and travel is safe. As far as encouraging words go, I would just encourage everyone to race as soon as possible! Even if we might be a little rusty, it'll be a great opportunity to remember the JOY that comes from pushing yourself and spending a day with an amazing group of people who all love to do the same thing! - Dani Treise


BRIAN STORHAUG loves the Graniteman races and he's at least five of them since 2017. He hopes to branch out in 2021, hoping to qualify for, and compete in, his first National Championship.


Hey MTN! Good to hear from ya! I do plan to compete in tris this year! I am actually planning on trying to qualify for nationals this year- which learning more about that process I’ll need to compete in a USA tri sanctioned event. I’m considering in either chisago or the Grand Rapids tri to use as a qualification! Turning 30 year and bought a new tri bike so I thought heck, why not!! - Brian Storhaug

He added:

...with such a hectic year sourcing through a pandemic there is one thing in my life that has kept me grounded and kept me in great physical shape but also keeping my mental health in check and that is training for tris. I always tell people that ask me why I train for tris every year and it’s because I love it. It’s the grind, it’s waking up at 4:30 am, it’s squeezing in a run on a Saturday morning, it’s those early morning swims- that truly make me happy. I am truly passionate about the sport and how it has really changed my life for the better. I’m so glad I saw my Dad compete in them when I was younger and the little nudge he gave me to give one a shot. If I’m able- I will be one of those guys at the awards ceremony in his 60’s that the announcer congratulated for continuing on in the sport for 40+ years.