Tim & Lisa are GMOY Honorees...


2020 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - On the surface, the battle for male GRAND MASTER OF THE YEAR looked like a tight one. Rookie nominee TIM BROWN, 62, of Blaine, and perennial nominee LUKE HARNED, 67, of Mahtomedi, raced in the same four races last season, winning their respective AGs each time.  Those events were the Graniteman triathlons, Square Lake Sprint and Fall Classic Duathlon.

A closer look at their performances, though, revealed that, according to MMH's Age Grading formula (-.5% per year of age difference after age-41), Brown was the clear winner. In all four events, Tim's margin of victory over Luke was more than 2.5%.

For instance, for Harned to match Brown's 1:16:15 at Big Lake, he'd had to throw down a 1:18:11. Luke's time was 1:19:56. The Committee therefore congratulates Tim Brown as the men's 2020 GMOY honoree....


The finalists for female GMOY were first-time nominee LISA HINES, 57, Sauk Rapids, and two-time nominee HELEN GUNTHER, 63, of Excelsior. Both raced twice, doing both of the Graniteman events. And both won their divisions in AGlisah.png record time.

Using the same Age Grading formula that we used for the men, Lisa needed to beat Helen by a 3% margin, which she did on both occasions. For instance, for Gunther to match HInes' 1:20:15 at Big Lake, she'd have had to post a 1:22:40. Her time was 1:24:34.


We'll also note that Lisa just missed cracking the women's overall Top 10 in both races, placing 12th at Big Lake, and 11th at Clearwater. The Committee congratulates 2020 female GMOY Lisa HInes.

Also, the Committee acknowledges CHERYL ZITUR's overall women's victory at Square Lake Sprint as the Grand Master Performance of the Year. Not bad for a 55-year-old.


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