Macy Iyer is 2020 Female Junior of the Year!


Photo - Macy Iyer and her mom / #1 fan Leslie)


2020 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Selecting the Female JUNIOR OF THE YEAR was more difficult than usual. No single girl dominated last season, as say, ARIANA WERTS  did a few years back. Ariana (19, Rochester) was nominated again this year, despite not having claimed a junior girls title in the races she did. In other words, several girls raced a high level and took turns beating each other.

2019 female JOY BELLA BUENTING (17, Chanhassen) was not in contention this year, despite her Junior Performance of the Year effort at Graniteman Big Lake, where she placed 2nd overall among the women. Big Lake was her only tri start, and athletes needed at least two outstanding performances to be considered for honors.

Other than Bella, only two girls took home one or more junior titles in 2020: MACY IYER (16, Edina) and SIMONE LUNDQUIST (18, Osseo). Both girls have been nominated before.

The competition between Macy and Simone in 2020 was fierce, and there are strong arguments for both of them. In the end, though, MACY IYER was named female JOY....

Here's why:

Macy raced three times, finishing among the overall Top 5 women on each occasion. She faced Simone in all three races, and came out on top in two of them. Only two AG records were set this year, one by Buenting (Big Lake), and the other by Iyer (Clearwater).

Lundquist raced four times, cracking the Top 5 twice. She was able to beat Iyer rather handily at Green Lake Sprint, but in spite of her greater racing voume and consistent performances, Iyer's margin of victory over her at Clearwater (3:36) put her over the top.



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