COVID-19 Racing Guidelines....


By Maria Simone (trainingpeaks.com)

Like tiny flower buds in early spring, we are seeing the signs of a racing season getting ready to emerge. COVID-19 racing guidelines have been published by most of the main endurance sport organizations; race directors are finding creative ways to make in-person racing safe; and athletes are joining in groups once again....

Some running races returned as early as May, and several of our No Limits Athletes have raced in-person events. But before we get too excited and press our best race kits, we need to prepare for a new normal of racing. These early glimmers have demonstrated that the 2020 season will look significantly different than anything we’ve experienced.

In recent years many of us have gotten used to racing with modern conveniences like aid stations; volunteers to guide us through the course; crews to feed us; and neutral gear support. Unfortunately, social distancing measures will make many of these amenities impossible—let alone the socializing before and after an event. 

It’s easy to focus on what we’re missing, but the new reality does afford opportunities that we wouldn’t have otherwise. Races will be simpler, harkening back to the roots of endurance sport, and helping us develop a new appreciation for the early racers who took on these challenges, often alone. The 2020 season is your opportunity to step off the theme park ride for a season, and enter the wild west of endurance sport! Let’s be pioneers together!  READ MORE

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