Will Races Happen This Year? If So, ....


By Kelly O'Mara (triathlete.com)

Let’s get the first thing out of the way: No, there is no definitive word yet on when races will resume as normal or if the big events will happen later this fall.

“Our inability to give concrete answers isn’t because we have concrete answers and won’t tell them,” said Andrew Messick, CEO of Ironman—which he believes triathletes understand in the current situation.

Both Rocky Harris, CEO of USA Triathlon, and Messick say they’re preparing for both the best- and the worst-case scenarios.

The best case? Some racing resumes by July and then they’re able to roll out more races as restrictions are lifted in different regions.

The worst case? There’s no real racing for the rest of 2020....

“Racing, and all activities, will come back in phases,” said Harris.

Now the second thing is: What will those races look like when they come back?
USAT is in the process of developing a set of guidelines for race directors to follow in a post-COVID racing world, said Harris. Those guidelines would essentially establish phases that mirror the federal CDC guidelines for gradually reopening society. Right now, we’re in phase one and there are no races happening. Phase two would allow some restrictions to be lifted and phase three would allow more. Additionally, the idea is to allow some flexibility within the protocols for variation between states.

That may include everything from recommendations on how to clean equipment to informing athletes they have to do body marking at home beforehand.  READ MORE

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