"This Shall Pass"...


cherylvenice.pngED. Owner of Worlds and National Championship medals, Cheryl is a three-time Minnesota Master of the Year. She's been to Venice.

By Cheryl Zitur

It has certainly been a crazy time lately. While I am not much of a writer here are a few thoughts about my quarantine.

On March 16th I went into work at Life Time like any other Monday but things were already starting to happen. The week before the Boston Marathon was cancelled which I began training for last January. Wow-now what do I do? At least I have Tri season to look forward to and my job. The club was eerily quiet on the 16th reminding me of what it felt like the day after 911. That night we were closed down and I was without a job to go to. In my adult life I have never had this much free time without either raising kids, healing from an injury or surgery, working or going to school or usually a mix of all of the above. This was all new to me....

The first couple of weeks I hit the project list. Cleaned out closets, raked the yard, cleaned the garage. I continued to workout thankful I have an indoor bike trainer, treadmill, weights and access to a great yoga class online. As the projects have dwindled (more like my ambition) I have yet to find a good balance for my days. Daily workouts of course and exploring new places to walk are important. Trying some old recipes and cooking more at home. Connecting with friends and family on Zoom. Watching movies and reading books. Is this retirement?? I am not that old??

I miss my family, my son Chris in Denver is high risk with a compromised immune system (I worry about him), my son Jon and his family (1 year old Twins) are in Florida and my youngest Ben is living off campus finishing up his degree at St. Thomas. This shall pass and I hope we can resurrect some form of a tri season in July or August-I am planning on doing the postponed Boston race in September if it does happen. And that swim thing....I dream about being back in the water.

That's it -I pray for a swift end to this epidemic and admire those essential workers who are out in the field doing their jobs every day.

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