"Health Before Fitness"...


ED. Today, two-time Minnesota Master of the Year nominee Julia Weisbecker writes about how she (and husband Roger) are handling the pandemic.


By Julia Weisbecker

Hi MTN, So you wanted some words on what the past month has been like. Roger and I were in California for two weeks to see some pro tennis. We have seen it every year and honestly its the best non slam tournament with great viewing and good access to the players practicing, etc. It got cancelled right as all the Covid 19 stuff got rolling. I sorta knew it may happen as the NBA cancelled on the same night. So we were left with nothing to do but ride our bikes, swim at the Palm Desert Aquatic Center, and run in paradise. Poor us. Well that quickly changed, as Riverside county closed the pools, and all group rides were cancelled. Riverside county is about 10 days ahead of MN so we were ready for what MN had planned once we got home. It was tempting to stay. We have a pool at the house and while it wasn’t really very warm ( and no i ...

didn’t have a wetsuit or a swim pulley there, bc who knew that may be needed) i managed 10-15 minutes til i got blue and had to get out. But it was warmer than Lake Superior, and I have swum in that as a kid ( and as an adult but that is Duluth Harbor in a wetsuit!) so i was up for the challenge, My late father is proud! 

As we travelled home on March 29, it was weird. NOBODY was at either airport. Our flight hadjuliaandfriend.png about 25 people on it and the flight attendants genuinely looked bored and antsy. They didn’t serve drinks or snacks so they pretty much just mulled around telling us to get the dog off the seat. ( rewind and repeat that one about 4x) 

My life since i got home has been full of …..short visits like this to my mom. She lives in a continued care retirement community and while they are on lock down ( she can’t leave and nobody can come in) she can walk around outside keeping our distance.  All my siblings help out and we take turns “ visiting” and getting her groceries. She is 90 and quite strong but we are still, rightfully so, trying to protect her and all of her fellow inmates residents. As far as racing, well I am signed up for Des Moines 70.3. I was also hoping to do a fall Ironman. But honestly I am pretty sure that neither is a good idea, even if Ironman decides to run them. I work in healthcare and while i am currently “ furloughed” for lack of a better term, I get that we all want to get back to racing. Its fun, it sure is my passion. But the greater good, and the unknowns about this virus make me want to just lay low. I also really want to swim! I love to swim, and so for this summer i am planning to swim open water as much as i can and do some good bike rides just because i can. I am fortunate that Roger loves to bike so we can bike together. 

Other than that, lots of CE credits for my PT licensure and maybe a few swim cord workouts. But i really believe that keeping the core strong and the body strong will mean a return to swimming is simple. Its the feel of the water ( just like the feel and timing of hitting a tennis ball) that we lose, so that can only be regained in the water….so don’t freak out about it! 

Be safe all of you, this is bigger than any race you are missing, and as my buddy Marni Sumbal says “ Health before fitness,” We will race again, may just be in 2021.


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