Ping Pong and "Survivor" Picnics...


ED. How is Kortney Haag and her family handling  "Life in the Pandemic Lane?"

We are doing good here as well just taking it day by day.  

So with 2 boys I am just trying to make life for them as normal as possible.  I was supposed to do the Boston Marathon but now it is pushed to September...hopefully.  I am planning on racing it but there is a chance that it may not happen.  As it is up in the air about most races I decided just to not worry too much about the training right now and go back to mostly base training. 

One thing is that I have been making the boys do some running as well as I think it is good for them to get out of the house - Owen is 13 and Keaton is almost 10.  Owen likes to run on his own (mostly because then I don't tell him to work harder :)....Keaton does about 2 miles with me and he holds a decent pace....I am trying to teach them both just to be healthy and enjoy what running and other sports bring to their life. ...

Our schedule is pretty consistent most days.  I wake up early to get my workout in before "school."  I am lucky that I am not working right now.  I am a coach at Orange Theory Fitness in Plymouth...which I love but as you know gyms are not open right now.   We start school at 9 and go til about 2.  I am pretty strict about it and have a daily schedule.  I told them this is not a vacation!  Then after 2:00 I let them chill out for a couple hours.  We usually get a game of ping pong going when it is not the warmest out (we bought a ping pong table during the Quarantine). survivor.png

One thing that has been fun for us is that Wednesday is take out night and then we watch Survivor and have a picnic style dinner in front of the TV.  We have been doing that for a while but it would be random nights when we could watch Survivor as a family with all of the boys activities but now we have every Wednesday free! 

The boys really miss their sports as I do too and their friends a lot so I try not to get too hard on them playing Fortnite because that is their only social interaction with friends right now. 

I feel like I am baking more and running out of food all of the time as well as running the dishwasher constantly as most moms of boys could attest to. 

Hoping to do some races at the back end of the season and if it is just the Boston marathon then so be it.  I was also signed up for Des Moines 70.3 but I think that is going to be pushed out or just canceled for the year.  Hope you are all doing great and hope to see you soon!

 - Kortney

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