$150 Worth of Trail Mix & a Giant Thing of Shampoo...


Bymuffins.jpg Ted Treise

What have we been up to, how we're dealing with COVID, and other stuff... An update from Dani and Ted
On Monday, March 16th, we got up at our usual time, 5:30 am, and went to Lifetime Southdale, and swam an old Masters wko from Training Peaks since Hopkins Masters closed down our usual pool the day before. The mentality was that of an oncoming blizzard or nor’easter for those on the East coast. Something that will come and pass in the coming days. Maybe everyone is a bit on edge right now, but it will be over shortly.

Within the next 24 hours, Dani and I left work to start working from home, I stopped at Target and bought $150 worth of trail mix, PB&J, noodles, various disposable disposable paper products, and a giant thing of shampoo.  Gyms closed, and later that week, the first race of the year, Texas 70.3 Galveston, cancelled too. This was the start of.. ah, how about .. THE COVID WINTER (?)....

The face value of COVID isn't too appealing, but it’s given us some time to do other things. In the con’s column, I didn’t think I would miss swimming this much, going to work, & not driving my car (I love my car). Other things not fun as expected are not seeing the folks, no time with friends, or not going out to restaurants. Things on the pro’s column of the COVID winter would be sleeping, more time to work on mobility, and not spending the usual funds on eating out each lunch. Dani has been KILLING it when it comes to cooking dishes and baked goods lately. Another positive. 

The biggest thing for us is a routine. Being able to get up and have a plan throughout the day. Most of our schedule is coloredaniropes.pngd in with work meetings and workouts scheduled in via coaches so it's not too much of a task on that front compared to my typical workday. Currently in our apartment, I work at a 3'x4' desk. I will not touch or sit at that desk unless I'm working. Even during the weekend, the monitors come down and the computer goes away until Monday. Our apartment’s way of letting it's hair down going into weekend mode.

On the triathlon front, the workload has been cut into a little less than half. Down to about 10 hours a week for me with a few punchy wkos thrown in, but mostly base work. We know the season will be loaded on the back end, so the goal is to lose fitness now and build back up as the summer rolls on. Either way, I’ll be at the first race in Minnesota this year without question sporting my new kit.

The Routine

7:30am - Wake up, make coffee, wake up the work computer
7:45am - Walk by the lakes (Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles)
8:00am - Work stuff
11:00am - 1st WKO
12:15 pm- Lunch & Work stuff
4:30/5:30pm - 2nd WKO
7:30pm - Dinner
8:00pm - Mobility & stretching
8:45pm - Various Netflix murder mystery shows / reading time


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