A Few Silver Linings....


Screen_Shot_2020-04-09_at_1.52.36_PM.pngED. Our second awesome pandemic post is by Chris Mitchell. Enjoy.


By Chistine Mitchell

 Screen_Shot_2020-04-09_at_1.49.48_PM.png This meme kinda sums up our world these days ....but definitely made me laugh! You asked for a few words but I am not sure what you’re looking for, and I’m DEFINITELY not a writer So feel free to use any, or none of this. You won’t hurt my feelings at all! Hope you are doing well and staying healthy! 

Without a doubt, this is a crazy time !  For the last several weeks, we have been sheltering in place at our cabin up north, and plan to stay for a few more.  I’m trying to look for silver linings in all this craziness and have a few. 

First, we GET to enjoy time up north, which is wonderful.  We have never before been able to spend a month up here and our Labrador is in heaven!!!!! He’s not going to want to go back home again someday! And Our son, who is in grad school at Iowa state, has been home with us for several weeks .  We haven’t had him around this much since he left for college, so for that we are also thankful. ...

I am also getting many home improvement projects done. I’ve actually started updating our kitchen and am painting the cabinets.  Wow....I must be bored!

In regards to training, the show must go on!!! I find that more true than ever, right now.  Those endorphins are so helpful to stay positive right now.  And.....because I get crabby if I don’t work out (just ask my hubby) I had only signed up for three events so far: the Hot Chocolate 15k, a Crossfit competition, Des Moines 70.3, and of course, the wonderful Northwoods Triathlon that we have done forever !  I am almost certain that Des Moines won’t happen, but am still training for it.  We had signed up with a bunch of friends, and decided that if/when the event gets cancelled, we are still going to set up our own course at our cabin and get it done anyway!  I am hopeful that the Northwoods will happen since it’s late in the season. 

A girl can dream, can’t she? 

Thankfully, we have bike trainers , a treadmill, a rower, and a lot of CrossFit equipment, so we are able to keep our workouts as normal as possible.  But, like everyone else, we definitely miss our workouts with our friends.  Our daughter is signed up for IMWI this year, and I hope she gets to experience it again!  Fingers crossed that we actually get the chance to sherpa for her!

We are also thankful for the Zoom app!  Virtual workouts, happy hours and seeing friends is the next-best-thing to being there!


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